Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cameron "Mudslinging"

According to the Telegraph, David Cameron has chucked some of the brown stuff at leadership rivals DD and Ken:

"I am worried that we will sleepwalk to another defeat if the choice is between staying on a Right-wing agenda, more of the same. That way we will not show we've changed."

Splat, DD!

"But on the other hand if we go down a path where we say that the European issue somehow doesn't matter any more, and we're not going to engage in that, I think instead of political suicide, that's national suicide."

Splot, Ken!

Actually, as mud goes...umm, it doesn't seem that bad. A tad overwrought perhaps, but that's hardly surprising given the parlous state of DC's campaign (Betfair probability of winning now only 7%).

But clearly DC needs to be careful and consider the future. A Davis supporter made the key point:

"We shouldn't be saying things like this, because at the end of the day we're all in one party and after the contest we've got to work together. These personal attacks are not beneficial."

Let's not go back over the Davis dash. But surely, DC can see that DD is no pantomime right-winger: the most exciting practical bits of the modernising agenda (as set out for example in Direct Democracy) form a central plank in DD's platform. And with people like Two-Brains already on board, he surely understands that Davis is serious.

So come on Mr C. Do the right thing.


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