Friday, September 16, 2005

Bruce Anderson On Loose Again

After his extraordinarily vituperative attack on DD three months ago, Brucie now lets rip at Ken:

'He has never given the impression of holding his fellow Tories in a high regard. He was one of a small group of Heathites who believed that they could capture their party in a euro-coup and use it as a vehicle to lead Britain into a European federation. For 40 years he has been on the wrong side of the biggest question in British politics. That may qualify him for political leadership, but not in the Tory party. A former jewel thief should not expect to become the head of security for De Beers.

The second great issue facing the next Tory government will be the public services. Again, there is no easy answer. But Ken Clarke served in government for many years without even trying. Recently, he has been telling us that he abhors ideology. He really means that he has no interest in ideas.

Ken’s commitment to ‘one nation’ is phrase-deep. He knows best, and the devil take democracy. If politics were merely a Punch and Judy show, he would be the ideal Mr Punch. But there is no point in having a Tory government unless it can live up to its responsibilities. Any Tory who accepts that should realise that there is no point in voting for Ken Clarke.'

Set on one side whether you agree or not. Bruce just can't help spraying it around all over the place. And while to slag off one leadership finalist may be regarded as a misfortune; to slag off both looks like self-indulgent ranting.

We feel sorry for David Cameron: getting backed by Anderson has always been a surefire harbinger of failure.


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