Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blimpish Blogs Ken Below Waterline

In an outstanding post at Once More, the erudite Blimpish demolishes the case for Ken.

Under the headline "Theoretically and practically a no", Blimp zaps the various arguments. You need to read it- no, you really do- but the essay notes version goes as follows:

Popularity? Doesn't mean votes. Great Chancellor? His joyless, jobless recovery failed to win us the 97 election. Credibility from being Chancellor? Like Labour turning back to Healey in 87. Radical reformer? Implementor of other people's reforms. Centrist candidate? Electorate is moving right, and centrism is no automatic route to victory. Media on his side? Honeymoon period only, unless Ken sides with liberals against us. Non-ideological? His ideology is managerialism- just like Labour.

Blimpish concludes: 'Is this really the way to bring together a new, motivated bloc of voters to build our governing coalition? I don't think it is, somehow. Electing Ken is fighting the last war - he is and would be a damaging diversion.'

Go and read it. Andrew Nontrivialsolutions did, and was so impressed it brought him to his senses after that unfortunate dalliance with Ken. He is proud to remain a Blogger For Davis.


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