Friday, September 30, 2005

Anyone Actually Going To The Conference?

Conference virgins Mrs T and I are packing our swimmies and Ambre Solaire Factor 20 for the jaunt to Blackpool. But having read this post on DD's new blog, we're wondering quite what we've let ourselves in for:

'David Davis wants to end the "out-dated'' annual party conference...It comes amid mounting concern across the political divide about the long decline of the traditional staged-for-TV conference. Audiences were so small for BBC coverage for the Liberal Democrat event, also held in Blackpool a fortnight ago, that crude overnight figures recorded no viewers.

And among those in Brighton for Labour this week a chief topic of conversation was how few people had made the trip. Restaurants that were formerly reservation-only during conference week had tables free at 8.30pm while once-popular bars were almost empty. Photographers almost staged a walk-out after being denied access to the balcony from where all the empty seats could be seen. Those who do attend are increasingly either young party hacks or those who have retired.'

Cripes. We don't want to go to a conference just to meet young party hacks and those who've retired. We can get all that at home.

Is there anyone else out there who's actually going?

PS I'm sure this pic wasn't in the brochure.


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