Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Advice to Cameron

The Scotsman has a piece of advice for David Cameron that could have come from the postings on this blog.
His best chance is to decide who to support with a view to taking on the top job next time round. His best choice would be Mr Davis who is almost certain to win - he has the backing of nearly 90 MPs (even if a third won't admit it) and the support of the grassroots.
The reason according to them:
However the decision on the new leader is taken, he is practically guaranteed victory.
As Mr Davis's chief backer in rebuilding the party into an electoral force in the next four years, Mr Cameron would be ideally placed to take over with a real chance of entering No 10 four years later.
Good advice I think. The addition of Cameron to Davis's backers would help to create a broad based support for our man and as such would be very positive, both for a Davis victory and a united party after the leader is chosen.



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