Friday, August 19, 2005

Wat: "What Watlington?"

Blogger Watlington scores the teams assembled by the leadership candidates: 'the teams are assessed under the Airey Neave Test: (i) Do they have senior and respected MPs behind the campaign; (ii) the quality of the apparatchiks; and (iii) the level of funding.'

Amazingly, he gives the highest score to Doc Fox's team, despite the fact that even the Doc's own supporters are dismayed at his lacklustre campaign, and despite only having 10 confirmed supporters among MPs (Telegraph survey).

Watlington seems particularly impressed by someone called Bill Clare, who is the Doc's Chief of Staff. 'Mr Fox met Mr Clare during his stint at the Foreign Office (Mr Clare was a Civil Servant) and Mr Clare has worked for Mr Fox ever since. Highly experienced, Bill Clare has worked overseas and under Alastair Campbell and is highly accomplished in working with the media.'

None the wiser, I Googled him. Impressively, he turns out to be moonlighting as the Technical Administrator at Sexshop365 ( "Hover over images for a naughty peak !!!" ). Although on reflection, it's possible he's actually the 2001 Tory candidate for West Derby, coming fourth.

All in all, Watlington's assessment seems a bit strange. Especially comparing the Fox camp to DD's impressive team, which includes the excellent Iain Dale and Nick Herbert. And especially considering DD's 62 confirmed supporters among MPs, and his support from key party funder Lord Kalms.

Of course Watlington, we don't actually know your identity.

You're not Bill Clare, are you?


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