Wednesday, August 10, 2005

View From The Lib Dems

The compulsive Political Betting carries acres of discussion of the leadership contest, much of it from Labour and Lib Dem activists. As you'd expect, their usual line is that we'd be mad not to choose pink-rinse Ken.

But sometimes you get a more thoughtful piece, like this from bullseye:

'As a former LibDem PPC, my view is not that the Tories have to appeal to people like me, but to the 10% of the electorate who abandoned the party over the Black Wednesday fiasco. These electors voted for Blair in 97 & 01 and split between Labour & the LibDems in 2005.

The problem with Fox is that he has never shown any inkling at all of having any idea how to win them over, as well as being a fairly weak media/Commons performer.

Davis, who I dislike, could potentially have a George Bushesque quality- I’ve always thought he comes across as a real human being (albeit a rather too thugish one for my tastes) and as such could make a breakthrough.

Cameron on the other hand is a good Commons performer, understands the Tories' problem, but the more I see of him on TV the less I think he has that extra spark the Tories need to break out of their 30-33% box.'

Bullseye is not the first to make the Bush comparison, but it's interesting coming from someone who is clearly no fan.


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