Thursday, August 04, 2005

Support For DD On Multiculturalism

There's been a very positive response to DD's Telegraph piece on multiculturalism. Even the BBC's comment site- which is moderated to achieve "balance"- has comments running three to one in DD's favour. Ed Hollinshead's post is typical:

'David Davis is the first politician post 7/7 to speak any sense. Multiculturalism should never have been promoted as the best way to integrate thousands of very different races and backgrounds into a country which has an already established culture. British acceptance of disjointed and segregated communities all in the name of tolerance has done serious harm to our nation community as a whole. Black, white, Muslim, Christian, Jew, we all fit into one group, but overall we should consider ourselves and be encouraged to consider ourselves British. Multiracial Britain yes, multicultural Britain no.'

Naturally the BBC itself is putting up a rearguard action. But government ministers don't seem at all keen to help them. So this morning the Today programme was reduced to interviewing Old Labour operative Professor Sir Bernard Crick. His main point- apart from forgetting his own age (75)- was to say that 'as a matter of historical fact' Britain has had multiculturalism since the 1707 Act of Union.


Does he mean those guys we had to get the Duke of Cumberland to sort out? Who are now so culturally diverse that some of them still wear kilts to football internationals and black-tie dinners?

PS There is an unedited version of DD's article here. It includes some more detail, for example on the importance of teaching in English.


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