Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rumour Mill

Yesterday's rumour was that the Cornerstone group of socially conservative MPs were so dismayed by the existing choice of candidates that they were going to put up one of their own. The names in the frame were Edward Leigh or Bernard Jenkin.

The sole result was to call down a great steaming heap of ripe ordure from the blogosphere onto this unfortunate duo. "Vain" and "stupid" were two of the nicer epithets.

Of course, the whole thing sounded highly improbable at the time, and today we learn that 'one mooted candidate, Bernard Jenkin, ruled himself out. The other, Edward Leigh, is on holiday.

"It's true that the [existing] candidates have been unsatisfactory for us. None of the three who came to dinner with us seemed sufficiently robust," said another member of the group, referring to David Davis, David Cameron and Liam Fox. But he added: "I have heard no suggestion we will put someone forward."

We'll never know where the original rumour came from, but at least we do now know those Cornerstone grillings took place over dinner.

My, but those candidates must be putting on a few pounds.


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