Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rudderless Ken Cuts Across

In a desperate bid to reach the finish line, Ken Clarke has apparently junked his Euro-charts and is now sailing blind.

"I thought [the Euro] would lead to increased productivity, efficiency and living standards and stimulate policy reforms. On that front it has been a failure...one-size fits all...I do not think there has ever been a time when the British could have joined with complete security and confidence. I doubt it is possible for 10 years or more."

And the Constitution?

"Effectively dead...there is no way of rescuing the treaty - although I was in favour... "

This being a "nice" blog, we'll leave it to others to point out how no sensible economic analysis of the Euro ever said it would be good for Britain, and how Ken blindly ignored that because of his Bilderbergian commitment to the integrationist European Project. And how he so loved his party that he joined Tony's road tour opposing our European policies. And how he spent the whole of the 2001 leadership hustings provoking the party with his totally unacceptable Europhiliac ranting.

And how his overweening ambition has now led him to ditch what he told us were deeply held personal convictions.


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