Monday, August 22, 2005

Rees-Mogg Joins Peasantry

Probably more used to dealing with pheasants than peasants, Lord Rees-Mogg of Hinton Blewitt adds his mighty voice to ours in opposing the move to strip party members of their leadership voting rights:

'There would be no votes from the big cities, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle or Sheffield. There would be one vote from Scotland and three from Wales. Women would have 17 votes. That the board supports this shows its lack of political judgment; that it should be proposed by the leader and the parliamentary party suggests that too many of them are are not real democrats, or even good politicians. The Conservative Party needs mass support; this is the way to alienate the public.'

God save yer reverence!

Reminds us of the time when you last stormed the bastions of establishment privilege to spring young Mick Jagger from clink.

All we need is one-third of that National Convention to vote against the change.


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