Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Outside Interests

Further to probing Cameron's drinks industry connections, I've taken a bit of a rootle through the other leadership candidates (courtesy of the excellent They Work For You).

DD's entries on the Register of Members' Interests are rather boring. They comprise various donations to the Haltemprice and Howden Conservative Association from longtime party supporters like Lord Kalms and Michael Spencer, who it is believed supported a number of Tory candidates thought vulnerable to Lib Dem decapitation at the Election.

At first glance, David Willetts looks much more interesting. Besides an honourably declared freebie to Wimbledon, courtesy of the BBC (clear value for the licence payer), he's involved with a mysterious German company called Sensortec, which has a James Bondish tie-up with 'the Russian Quark Corporation (POI "Polysius")...for the territory of Western Europe, covering ring lasers, laser gyros and inertial navigation platforms.' But Willetts as the mastermind behind Drax Industries? No, not really.

Which of course leaves Ken. Who has a fabulous slew of conflicted entries, including four other non-exec jobs, besides the deputy chairmanship of BAT.

The best has to be his participation in the secretive and sinister Bilderberg Group, founded by Hugo Drax himself. Believed by many to be a front for the Illuminati, this shadowy web of intrigue and high living is thought to include such undesirables as Lords Patten and Brittan, Mandy, and even the Lord of Darkness in person.

Makes Cameron's little indiscretion pale.


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