Thursday, August 11, 2005

MSM Catches Up

The Independent has caught up with the Cameron binge drinking issue. It quotes a Davis supporter as saying 'it totally knackers Cameron. He's now lost moral high ground, and must be very careful about giving interviews: one awkward question on this and he's a goner."

That may be a tad OTT, but it certainly isn't going to help DC.

(The Indie's done quite well here. It's caught up with a story that only hit the blogosphere yesterday- even if it was clearly fed some clues to help. But the more you blog, the more you realise how shakey the MSM is with anything that doesn't come in a packaged press release. Even in this case, they say 'by pure co-incidence, David Cameron's odds of beating Davis slipped to 3/1 yesterday.' Well- apologies for being an anorak- but first, DC's odds are actually now 5/2, and second, these are actually his best rating since the off- an implied probability of 29 per cent.)


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