Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More On DD And Multiculturalism

We have already commented on DD's article on multiculturalism (here and here). Since then, several bloggers and msm commentators have homed in on that hoary old issue- whether we can define Britishness.

They reckon Davis hasn't done it. So in The Business, Fraser Nelson comments that while Davis 'is now calling for the "common values of nationhood" to replace multiculturalism...he seems lost for an idea of what these values should be, other than nebulous ideas of tolerance and kindness.'

But if we try to bottom that out, we'll be here for ever. And as Janet Daley, and others, have pointed out, the US approach- pledge of allegiance, civics lessons, saluting the flag and all- already provides a workable and urgently needed template.

And if we need any confirmation of the urgency involved, we should all peruse the BNP website. Try these comments on DD's article:

'Under the plans of David Davis and the simpering wreckage of the Conservative Party, that gutless cabal of politically correct aristocrats and ex-council estate social climbers, not a single illegal immigrant will ever be removed from the country. Instead under David Davis and his witless party we will just get more of the same multi-cultural poison this country has had to endure for the last fifty years.

We have a new vision. The end of Multi-Culturalism and the restoration of British Culture. This country does not need further Integration, just accelerated deportations. Under the BNP you will get that.'

The BNP got 200,000 votes in the General Election, a quadrupling since 2001. And the really scary thing is that they're not all crackers. I chatted to one of their tellers at a polling station in May, and he seemed a very decent guy. He used to vote Labour, but has despaired of Westminster politicians who he feels have just given up on the country.

We can't afford another blatherfest from Tony and his ilk. As in so much else, we need to import that American know-how. And we need to get on with it.

(Maybe DD will return from his hols with a discreet 9/11 style Union Jack lapel badge. That would signify intent, and his public recognition would soar).


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