Friday, August 19, 2005

More Advice From The Other Side

Matthew D'Ancona has been whiling away 'the slow depths of summer' by chatting- possibly over some suitable refreshments- with the 'Prime Minister's closest confidants' and 'the Chancellor's allies' (all unnamed) about our leadership contest. We're given to believe that Blair backs Cameron, while Brown backs DD.

"Cameron is just like Tony when he was that age...he understood what his party has to do to regain power", enthuses one Blairite.

But a Brownite reckons "A Tory who was raised on a council estate by a single mum and talks like an ordinary person when he goes on television is trouble for us. It presses a lot of buttons."

D'Ancona comments: 'The Brownites, with more insight than many Conservatives, have also grasped the nuance of Mr Davis's position: his advocacy of "a new Tory idealism", in contrast to Mr Cameron's professed "pragmatism"; his insistence that the test of every new Tory policy should be that it helps the vulnerable; and his iconoclastic opposition to what he calls the "Tory establishment", in contrast to Mr Cameron's demand at the weekend that Conservatives should not "trash their own brand".

Can't follow the last bit- DD more than anyone has always insisted we take pride in our "brand". But actually, the rest sounds spot on and captures much of what we like about DD.

Anyway, given all this helpful advice we're getting from the opposition, some of the posters at the Tory Leadership Blog recently amused themselves by reciprocating on Tony's successor. Someone to preserve the glorious legacy, rather than trash it as Brown is sure to do. Milburn? Byers? Tessa? Patricia? Winners all. But my favourite by far is Mandy, and if Matt would stand me a couple of sherbets I'd be delighted to elaborate.


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