Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Maude Lays Into Us...Again

In an interview with epolitix, Chairman Maude has again laid into us party members. Well, in fairness, he chooses his words with more care than in the past (just as I'm trying desperately not to call him Chairman Maode, despite his anti-democratic behaviour):

"Are our grassroots representative of the country as a whole? Not fantastically." But "I don't think that's a problem in itself...We need to broaden it for sure but that's not a criticism of our members. For the most part our grassroots members are serious, nice, tolerant people."

How very gracious. Wonder if I'm included.

Meanwhile, Michael White blends the Maude interview into a hostile story headlined 'Davis silent on rule change as Tory leadership contest hots up'. This returns to the theme that Davis, along with the other leading candidates, has not expressed a preference on the proposed voting rule change:

'The frontrunner in the Conservative leadership contest is refusing to campaign for, or against, the change in the contest's rules that may decide his fate, it emerged last night.

As another Tory moderniser [Maode] warned his party that its problem is that it "does not like modern Britain," friends of David Davis, who looks set to succeed Michael Howard in the autumn, revealed that it would be "too dangerous" for him to take sides in the divisive rule change.'

That's a teensy bit rich, even for the Grauniad. Apart from the rather clunking conjunction of people who 'don't like modern Britain' and DD, and the deployment of those unnamed 'friends', it ignores the fact that Davis has not been silent. On 21 July he said:

'Another way of doing this- and frankly the one I might have preferred- would be just to reverse the sequence: to have the party in the country come first, and then the party in Parliament come second. Or have an electoral college. But those options weren't available.'

I've said before that I'd like to stick with the current system, but I would certainly prefer one of DD's alternatives to what our MPs propose.

PS The epolitix story includes a rather unflattering picture of the Chairman. For those who feel that we live in degenerate times, far removed from the Golden Age when politics was about issues not personal abuse, I seem to remember that Maode's father Angus used to be known by everyone as the Mekon. Personally, I'd stick with Maode.


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