Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Life In A Parallel Universe

I've been criticised for not taking Sir Malcolm Rifkind (25/1) seriously enough to criticise him. I don't think that's quite fair, but it's difficult to criticise a man who lives in an entirely parallel universe, summarised by a supporter thus:

'It's no good being the favourite in the first round. Malcolm does have backers and enough to see him into the second and third rounds. That's when the real politics begins.

Malcolm has experience, the Scottish background and the gravitas needed for the job.

We think he's got enough support now to get to the crucial stage when he could slip through the middle as the candidate of unity. And everyone knows that like Ken Clarke he does have the brains, the charisma and the gravitas to give Tony Blair and Gordon Brown a hard time.'

I particularly like the bit about 'the Scottish background', but the whole thing is reminiscent of that wonderful episode of Yes Minister when Hacker slips through the middle to become PM.

If only real life was like that, eh Malcolm?


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