Sunday, August 21, 2005

Knights Of Malta For Davis

In Scotland On Sunday Gerald Warner writes:

'If the Tories eventually pick Davis, they will at least have a leader with the pugnacity to savage Blair, Brown and all the rest of the New Labour charlatanry.'

Certainly agree with that. Gerald goes on:

'The party has to come to grips with its identity. That means seeing off the vociferous but basically insignificant faction of "modernisers"...Tories blah, blah ought to be proclaiming the timeless values of patriotism, sovereignty, monarchy, civility, marriage, family, self-help fuelling philanthropy, low taxes, diminishing state power etc etc.

They should be propagating these values, not at the behest of focus groups, but because they are what Tories have believed for centuries...blah, blah... It is time the Conservative Party set about actually conserving something. Burying neophilia and political correctness once and for all is Toryism's natural agenda.'

Well, I go along with most of that, although you have to edit it because it's starting to foam at the mouth. Almost the sort of thing I write, in fact. And neophilia? Isn't know, a little weird?

No, it's OK- Google reckons it's 'n. love of novelty and new things, ideas, etc'.

So I Google Gerald Warner, and come up with a jaw-dropping blog on The Knights Of Malta Ball:

The evening was 'organised by Mr. Gerald Warner whose visceral lashings in print of all the senior hubrisarchs of our day are published weekly in Scotland on Sunday. Alas, Mr. Warner was exposed to mumps recently, and thus could not come for fear of spreading the contagion, but he very kindly gifted us two tickets...We ran into Zygmunt von Sikorski-Mazur, a Knight-of-Malta/society-photographer, Fra' Matthew (the Grand Prior of England), and Joanna [who] had been invited to Rome for the beatification of the Emperor Charles of Austria this October past, since she had written a short biography of the Blessed Charles. She was deeply moved to see Dr. Otto von Hapsburg, MEP, current leader of the clan and at least 90 years old, kneeling down to kiss the ring of the Pontiff...'

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm wondering if this is a spoof (particularly since it also refers to 'Sir Henry At Rawlinson's End', with which the blogger claims to be unfamilar, but which I happen to know was a product of the late lamented and wonderfully hilarious Viv Stanshall).

Anyway, I have to admit it does make you wonder a teensy bit about old Gerry.

And Google couldn't help on hubrisarchs.


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