Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kind Words From Lord Howe

Lord Howe has chipped in on the leadership contest. He reckons DD is a 'seriously minded man' who has experience of jobs outside politics. But 'he's never struck anyone as a really great orator, or a very thoughtful person.'

Unlike- one presumes- his Lordship, who in 1975 stood for the leadership against Maggie. Presumably on the basis that he was better than her in terms of oratory and thoughtfulness. He got 19 votes.

Actually, I heard Howe speak back in 1976. The LSE ran a series of lunchtime sessions with various frontbenchers, and the previous week had been Wedgie Benn (Tony's 1970s stage-name), who had packed the main lecture theatre and been brilliant. Howe was allocated a small seminar room, and I was one of half-a-dozen students who went to hear him. He was monumentally tedious, but it was simply too embarrassing to leave. I've still got the scar on my thigh where I stabbed in the pencil to stay awake.


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