Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ken Enters (Again)

Hold the front page- this morning's Guardian discloses 'Clarke ready to enter Tory race'.

"He'll pull the rug from under Cameron," one shadow cabinet member said bluntly yesterday. "Ken would do real damage to Dave," a Cameron supporter admitted last night. At 65 Mr Clarke is being presented as "a counter-intuitive choice, a moderniser who is not associated with the party's recent past."

Counter-intuitive maybe, but moderniser? Are we talking about that guy who is "old, fat and has controversial directorships"?

And what about Europe?

"It would be nice if Ken could say we wouldn't join the euro if he became prime minister. He now says it's wrong to join now," said one ex-ministerial ally, also pro-European.

Guh? The members will never swallow that!

'Few insiders believe that 900 constituency chairmen and other local officers of the party will reject Mr Howard's plea to hand back power to MPs when they vote on September 27.'

Ah. Now I see.

"The biggest statement the Tory party could make to show it's changed is to elect Ken and show it's learned its lesson. David Davis is Iain Duncan Smith with hair. Ken would reach out beyond our core vote," the MP said.'

Svelte Euro-sceptic Ken still languishes at 14/1.


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