Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hezza Snubs Cameron

Poor David Cameron has failed to persuade Lord Hezza that he should be leader:

'Talks at the peer’s London home were held at the request of Cameron, [who] wanted to gauge whether Heseltine...would back him. But Heseltine is understood to have told Cameron...that he is still a firm supporter of Clarke.'

Apparently, his Lordship sent Dave away with a flea in his ear, telling him that he 'could gain valuable experience running as Clarke’s No 2.'

After all, as one unnamed Hezza sidekick noted, “It is not like Gordon Brown waiting years for Tony Blair to give up the top job; Ken is 65 so he is not going to be hanging around for much longer.”

Hmm. Remember the last fat cigar chomping Beast who became leader at 65? He hung around until he was 80 and pretty well ga-ga, all the time believing his deputy wasn't up to the job. DC should have a chat with Anthony Eden about that.

Oh, is he? Sorry, I didn't know.

PS The S Times report reckons Hezza's 'past interventions over the Tory leadership have been influential'.

What? Do they mean his role in bringing down Maggie and then failing to win the leadership himself? Or do they mean his backing of old mate Ken in his failed attempts in 1997 and 2001?

Sounds like it was lifted straight out of the Hezza Book Of Bigging Up Hezza.


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