Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hezza Positions Himself For Davis Victory

This morning the BBC ran another of its regular public service ads for Ken Clarke. As usual it was fronted by the ever popular Hezza "Huge Influence In The Party" Heseltine.

"Ken's a professional bruiser, someone who's forever landing punches on the government...head and shoulders above...as for left or right- it's just an academic argument...trying to argue about policies is a very destructive process...Cameron is extremely personable, obviously young, who might welcome a period under...etc etc"

So far, so predictable.

But then he was asked about David Davis.

"David would be an effective leader, enthusiastic, energetic, and experienced."

What? But surely that's what we say.

Sorry, my Lord. Shouldn't you have said "I don't particularly want to discuss the other candidates: I'm here to promote Ken.'

Or could it be that even Hezza realises poor old Ken is about to go down for the third time, and is aligning himself with the new reality?


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