Monday, August 29, 2005

The Green And Scaly Option

From his vast Commons office overlooking Parliament Square, Sir Malcolm 'Vitality and Energy' Rifkind warns us:

"If the Conservative Party wants to choose the one nation tradition of Conservatism as the way in which it will regain the confidence and support of the public, then I would be proud to be its leader.

If the party, in its wisdom, chooses to go green and scaly then obviously it should look elsewhere.

I think that's a real choice and I think it's important that in appealing to the public, the party should first be clear what its own priorities are".

Well, OK...what he actually said was: "If the party, in its wisdom, comes to the view that a more right wing policy concentrating on immigration, on Europe and issues of that kind are the way forward then obviously it should look elsewhere."

But I think we can all spot the green and scaly option when we see it.

You see, Sir M, none of your rivals is proposing that. And having watched in horror how the Howard campaign team positioned us during the last election, I can't believe many of us members want it either.

Now...just remind me...who was on that campaign team?


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