Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"Good Judgement" Ken

According to Andrew Grice, Ken Clarke is about to play the Iraq card:

'Allies of Mr Clarke insist it is legitimate for him to raise the Iraq issue because the continuing problems on the ground in Iraq bear out his good judgement - his main "selling point" to Tory MPs.'

Good judgement, eh?

Would this be the same KC who wanted to take us into the Euro and the EU Constitution?. Or the one who still thinks it's OK to draw a million quid from BAT?

As one of his allies says:

'If he had been Tory leader, the political landscape would have looked very different.'

Indeed it would.

Indeed it would.

Update: On Conservative Leadership Blog, Selsdon Man adds:

'From the Evening Standard on 26th August: "Publisher of the Independent newspaper, Independent News & Media, paid him about £50,000 as a director of its UK division and for sitting on its international advisory board of political and business thinkers".
We can expect the Indie to back its employee. Would he still have been an employee if he had vigorously supported the Iraq War?'


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