Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"Follow Tyler For Best Tory Form Guide"

Political Betting (yes, those guys that moderated me last week) have put up a very kind post advising punters to follow us for the best guide to Tory leadership form:

'Punters wanting to find out which contender members of the Davis Davis team consider to be the greatest current threat should go to the blog of the Shadow Home Secretary’s internet cheer-leader and the comments on this site by the man behind it and who uses the alias Wat Tyler - of Peasant’s Revolt fame.

For almost every day visitors to his site are treated to fierce, biting and usually amusing attacks on the contender, one assumes, who is seen as the biggest current threat - after all you don’t kick a dead dog. In addition “Wat Tyler” adds considerably to the colour of PB.C’s discussion forms with regular “revelations".

Too kind guys...what can I say? Almosy enough to make me forgive you for last week.


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