Thursday, August 25, 2005

Experience Really Does Matter

Given my new leaf, I wasn't going to mention it. But since the inestimable Guido has now done so, I suppose I might as well.

We're talking about DC's speech to the Foreign Policy Centre, where as G notes, Dave felt it necessary to address his glaring lack of experience:

'...For much of the last parliament I sat on the home affairs select committee. Following 9/11 we examined these issues in some detail......And as a Home Office adviser in the 1990s I know the awesome responsibility on the Home Office to get it right...'

Guido comments that DC 'has been a spin merchant and a drone at CCO before becoming a minister's SpAd, prior to being elected to parliament a mere 4 years ago. Is that a thin CV for someone who wants to be PM in 4 years time?'

Well, now you come to mention it Guido...yes, I see what you mean.

And Dave also needs a crash course in stopping hares running around. Compare and contrast these two recent interview reponses:

“I don’t rule anything out” Dave on a KC/DC Dream Ticket, Today Programme, 17 August.

“I’m not interested in [joint] tickets and deals. All this talk about deals is hopelessly…” Dave on a KC/DC Dream Ticket, Today Programme, 23 August.


Yes, of course it's easy to scoff, and God knows it's not so easy to do.

But that's precisely why we need someone with some serious experience.


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