Thursday, August 25, 2005

Do The Decent Thing Ken- Withdraw

So David C has rejected the idea of joining Ken's "Dream Ticket", saying that their views on Europe are too divergent. As we noted yesterday, this is a very sensible move by DC, both for himself and the party.

Now as a DD supporter, half of me thinks Ken should stay in the race. After all, he's likely to split the support for a leftish candidate possibly making things easier for Our Man. Which is presumably why DC is now trying to woo the party's right.

But there's no way that two-time loser Euro-Ken is going to win, however much people like Mrs Andrew Marr urge him on us. And whichever voting sytem we eventually go for.

As Matthew D'Ancona says today:

'What matters most is that the candidates ask the right questions, ditch the tired arguments of the past, and seek to construct a genuinely new Conservatism. There is absolutely no evidence that Mr Clarke, for all his experience, brio and irrepressible "blokishness" is capable of, or even interested in, this intellectual task.

But why bother with such complexities when you regard yourself as the solution? Denied his "dream ticket", Mr Clarke prepares to wade into yet another contest that could rejuvenate his party, or wreck it. And, if he loses, who is to say he will not try again? And again?'

A good question.

Ken should put aside his delusions of grandeur and for once in his life, put the party first.

He should withdraw, leaving us with a clear choice between DD and DC.


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