Wednesday, August 10, 2005

DD On 24-Hour Licensing

The police oppose it, the judges oppose it, and we residents oppose it. DD says:

'We need to call time on yob behaviour. The Government should defer 24-hour drinking until it has got a grip on the problem of binge-drinking then only pilot it so that residents can see the consequences - and apply it appropriately.'

Sounds emminently sensible, so why on earth are the government so insistent on this lunacy?

Page 46 of the 112 page (!) Labour Election Manifesto explains:

'Excessive alcohol consumption fuels anti-social behaviour and violence. The new Licensing Act will make it easier for the police and councils to deal with pubs and clubs that cause problems. Local councils and police will be able to designate Alcohol Disorder Zones to help pay for extra policing around city centre pubs and clubs, with new powers to immediately shut down premises selling alcohol to underage drinkers, and bans from town and city centres for persistent offenders. Police will be able to exclude yobs from town centres for 24 hours when they issue a Penalty Notice for Disorder.'

Er, yes. All that sounds fine. But what about this 24-hour licensing that we're all so concerned about? You didn't even mention that.

The fact is that the childlike gullibility of our rulers has once again got them suckered by an industrial lobby. Last time it was gambling, before that PFI contractors, and now it's the drinks industry.

What we need is a leader who has had experience out in the real nasty world of business. Someone who can recognise a self-serving sales pitch when he sees one.

Now, who might that be?


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