Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Davis Vs Clarke: Where Now For Cameron?

The formal launch of Ken's campaign means the final will be between him and DD. Already he's surged past David C at the bookies, and while he remains a long way behind Our Man, the gap has closed.

Cameron's one remaining hope is that the 27 September Convention rejects the change to our leadership voting rules so that members retain the final say. In those circumstances- whatever may be hinted- it must be unlikely that Ken would actually go through with it. So he and his supporters better get canvassing those mysterious Convention members.

All this of course is deeply ironic. Howard, Maude and others tabled their proposed changes to our constitution specifically to get poor DC elected. And all they've actually succeeded in doing is to get their boy savaged by an old Beast they thought had nodded off for good.

Cameron presumably has his escape plan ready. Which we assume involves executing the Davis Dash at some stage. The question for him is how long he can leave it before all the good jobs get snaffled by those who are quicker off the blocks.



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