Sunday, August 14, 2005

“Dance With The One That Brung Ya.”

Lynton Crosby sets out 'Seven ways for the Tories to storm back'. In fairness, I don't think he's actually come up with seven, but that's the number fixed by Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, 7 Up, Seven Brides for Seven Dwarves, 007, S Club 7, The Magnificent Seven, etc. So seven it is.

Anyway, he does make a couple of extremely good points:

'Ronald Reagan once said, and John Howard often repeats, “Dance with the one that brung ya.” It should be hung in every opposition leader’s office. When rebuilding your party after a defeat you must recapture and lock in your base. Your base alone will not be enough, but without it you risk being washed away.'


'A successful party puts up candidates who are part of, and can relate to, the local communities they seek to represent. Look at the many high quality new Conservative MPs who won on May 5. But the party needs to consider this: the best candidates at a local level really are local, living and working in the constituency. '

I humbly suggest that Chairman Maude and other centrist centralisers would do well to reflect on those points.


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