Thursday, August 04, 2005

Come On Guys- This Just Ain't Right

As you may have guessed, we're quite keen to see DD as leader.

But we also want to see our party get into shape to win elections. A key component of which is member participation- particularly in leadership elections.

So we were...well, how should we put it...'somewhat disappointed' to hear two of DD's declared supporters- Julie Kirkbride and Damien Green- arguing on the World At One for the proposed member disenfranchisement.

Green reckoned members he'd spoken to were happy with the change. DAMIEN, HEAR THIS- WE'RE MEMBERS AND WE'RE NOT AT ALL HAPPY!

Both reckoned there's no time to stick with the existing time!...gah!...Splutter!!!

Then major donor Stuart Wheeler said he also thought the rules should be changed as the MPs want. But he went on to report that he'd invited all the leadership candidates to dinner individually, so he could make his own selection. Which is fine for multi-million bankrollers, but sort of leaves us ordinary members outside pressing our noses against the window.

So what does Davis think? We know what he said on Today after the MPs' vote. He said he had 'some sympathy' with members who are arguing for continuing the present system, but recognised the problem with the eventual winner only likely to have achieved approximately one-third support among MPs. As we saw with IDS, this can lead to a less 'stable outcome'.

'Another way of doing this- and frankly the one I might have preferred- would be just to reverse the sequence: to have the party in the country come first, and then the party in Parliament come second. Or have an electoral college. But those options weren't available.'

So what to do? Surely it's to get those alternatives put on the table for the National Convention.

How hard do we have to make this?

PS Remember you can support 'A Better Choice', Barry Legg's campaign for member voting rights at


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