Friday, August 19, 2005

Cameron To Support Clarke?

The BBC wants it- well, they would, wouldn't they.

The Daily Mail wants it- well... er, why do they support left-wing Europhile Ken, exactly?

And Peter Oborne, previously a Cameron supporter, now says: 'The emergence of Clarke is disastrous for David Cameron. One close member of the Cameron camp acknowledged this week, ‘If Clarke stands, that really screws up David.’

Cameron has run an attractive and serious campaign. But this news of a Clarke candidacy means that he is more likely to end up playing the part of a kingmaker rather than contender. His most promising role might be as the young, thrusting chief executive alongside Clarke’s avuncular chairmanship.'

That elusive Dream Ticket- KC/DC live in concert- nothin's gonna stop us now.

And yet...and yet...why would DC actually want to do this?

For one thing, if the party's National Convention on 27 September throws out the proposed change to leadership voting rules, there's no way Ken will stand. He knows party members would never vote him in. Thus, despite earlier bravado, it's 'not clear yet whether he will drop all his boardroom interests the moment he declares for the race, or will put them into abeyance pending the outcome.' Don't hold your breath.

So if DC jumped in with Ken now, come 28 September, he could well find himself hung out to dry.

And even setting that aside, going in with Ken would still be risky. The cuddly one's chances of winning are not great (even now only 10/1), and DC might be burning some rather important bridges. Oborne reckons: 'Cameron faces a dilemma: backing Clarke would do yet more damage to his already edgy relationship with David Davis.'

So if you were sitting at that North Kensington kitchen table offering DC advice, what would you suggest he say? Probably exactly what he did say when asked if he'd sign with Ken: "I certainly don't rule anything out."


Just as we don't rule out those little green men from Mars.


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