Monday, August 15, 2005

Cameron Talks Sense

In keeping with my new leaf, I'm delighted to report a very sensible comment from David Cameron:

'There is a great danger for Conservatives to endlessly trash their own brand. You do not get anywhere in life by trashing your brand.'

Absolutely right, David.

Well done. You may have noticed that this is something David Davis has always stressed.

Of course, some cynical types might suggest DC was actually putting the boot into rival "moderniser" Sir Malcolm Rifkind. Who, as you will be aware, said yesterday that for the party 'the last eight years have been deeply, deeply defective.'

But I'm sure DC wouldn't stoop to such depths. He is simply drawing on his private sector experience in creating a premium brand.

PS I missed the actual BBC interview, but it's interesting which particular punches he chose to throw.

"Don't trash the brand", Malcolm! Whap!

"Environment and open spaces", Tim! Pow!

No mention of public services? Looks like a bit of positioning within the "moderniser" camp.

And asked about DD, he said: "He is a very attractive politician and he is a senior Conservative figure with a lot to say."

Is it still too late for the Davis Dash?

PPS Political Thinker has pointed out that at present you can still watch the interview here (bottom right button).


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