Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cameron Barred

Talking of 24-hour binge drinking and the drinks industry lobby that has suckered our rulers into the licensing lunacy, we probably shouldn't expect to hear too much from one of DD's leadership rivals.

Turns out that clean living David Cameron is a director of Urbium PLC.

Who they?

'Urbium PLC operates premium bars in high footfall venues in major urban markets. Urbium has a pre-eminent position in the West End of London and the City of London markets. It's [sic] Tiger Tiger brand has a strong presence in prime regional sites.'

The Manchester branch of Tiger Tiger of course is the very establishment where Wayne Rooney was alleged to have decked some student in the early hours, after taking refreshment with team-mates Rio Ferdinand, Wes Brown and Roy Carroll.

Right classy.


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