Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Best Leader Lib Dems Never Had?

Given that it's going to be Clarke vs Davis, we're thinking about keeping our Clarke powder dry until we can see the whites of his eyes.

But he does make one statement in his Mail interview that can't be allowed to pass unremarked:

"If I were a Liberal Democrat, I'd be more alarmed at me becoming leader than any of the other candidates. Some of the younger [LibDem] MPs would have difficulty explaining why they weren't in a Clarke-led Conservative Party. I won't name individual MPs, but I regard it as reproof to the Conservative Party of the last ten years that some of these people wound up as Liberal Democrats at all."

Well, I guess we can see why he's saying it, but quite a few of us Tory party members have difficulty in explaining why Ken isn't in the Lib Dems. He agrees with them on so much: not just Iraq, but Europe and statism as well.

And while it would be electorally handy to win back votes from the Lib Dems, Ken would be most unlikely to win back votes from UKIP, that most estimates suggest cost us 20 seats or so in May. In fact, he would make that problem worse.

Luckily for Ken, the Lib Dems themselves are looking for a new leader. So...


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