Sunday, July 03, 2005

Words With Mrs Tyler

I'm afraid I've had to have words with Mrs Tyler. It was over all this stuff about women liking the look of David C.

In truth, she's always felt that Our Man lacks a certain...well, what would you say? A certain sparkle. And today we've had a couple of female commentators backing “young, charming, telegenic and altogether less macho than Davis” Cameron.

So now Mrs T is going on about all those female voters who've got to be brought back, and how DC is warm, super-articulate, normal...and, while she hasn't actually admitted to an India Knight style crush, I'm definitely concerned.

Yes I've tried all that stuff about DD's 'matinee idol/grey-haired US news anchor looks', and how 'he makes Tory ladies swoon', but it didn't really work. Mrs T wasn't swooning, and in fact she always did prefer Macca to Lennon (yup, we really are that old).

Of course I went on about Cameron's lack of experience, and how we don't want another Hague problem. But she wasn't convinced, reckoning that Blair was young and inexperienced when he took over. 'Cameron would offer a fresh start.'

So I laid into all that drivelling managerialist nonsense Cameron's been coming out with, and she just stared at me. 'Wat, nobody cares about all that except you guys with your blogs and too much time on your hands. We can't do anything unless we get elected, and I'm beginning to think we'll have a much better chance with DC.'

This is not good. Not good at all.

So David (our David), if you're listening, don't waste any more time on me. I'm convinced. I know you're wired up the right way and you're going to pursue the right policies as leader.

Stop worrying about me. What you've got to do now is win back Mrs T.

You've got to use your upcoming 'future of Conservatism' speeches to really show you care. She wants to feel warmth, fluency, optimism, and the dream.

Lennon's OK, but it's Imagine, not Money.


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