Sunday, July 10, 2005

"We Must Be United"

There are some comments floating around the blogs and elsewhere to the effect that DD is about to play politics with terrorism.

Those who are suggesting this might like to reflect on his powerful statement to the Commons on Thursday when he pledged full support to the government. Or his piece in today's Sunday Express:

‘We must be united, we must be undaunted, we must be inflexible’. Churchill’s words, spoken in the House of Commons chamber at the height of World War II, should resonate with us all this weekend as we digest the appalling aftermath of Thursday’s terrorist attack on our country...

There will be a time to review our defences against terrorism, now is the time for us to display unity, not division.

The UK should learn the lessons from Spain where the terrorists tried to influence a General Election and split the political parties...

That is why one of my primary concerns on Thursday as MPs gathered in the Commons’ chamber was to assure the Government of the Conservative Party’s wholehearted support as they set about the crucial task of tracking down those who carried out the atrocities on London’s streets...

Thursday’s bombs did not distinguish between colour, race, religion or background. They were an attack on us all. Those responsible have shown that they view us as all the same. Our response must be to show that we are indeed one nation.

A nation united; a nation undaunted in our pursuit of freedom; and inflexible in our resolve to say to the terrorists: the British people will not be cowed. The terrorists will never win. '

Those are the words of a man who knows how to conduct himself during a time of peril; to put the needs of the nation first.

The words of a leader, not an opportunist.


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