Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tracking Down The "Tory Taliban"

Andrew Grice and Colin Brown are trying to track down the 'Tory Taliban' fingered by Alan Duncan yesterday. You will recall a disappointed Duncan laid into the party's 'moralising wing':

"Our Achilles' heel has been our social attitude. Censorious judgmentalism, which treats half our countrymen as enemies, must be rooted out."

So who are they?

'Mr Duncan was not naming names. But a guessing game was under way in the Commons tearoom, where speculation among his fellow modernisers centred on right-wing Tories including Laurence Robertson, John Hayes and Gerald Howarth.'

Well, blow me down. Those three names all check off on Tyler's List of suspected Inquisitors. The ones that tried to pop Our Man up onto the rack last week.

Now for Westminster insiders I'm sure none of this comes as any surprise. But for we wide-eyed party members from beyond the M25, it's really quite useful to find out what axes are being ground by whom. Lets us put all that jockeying into its proper context.

Hope Alan now takes the natural next step. Which is to back DD.

Update: Two MPs on Tyler's List have signed this morning's Telegraph letter defending the rights of members in leadership selection. So Edward Leigh and, er yes, John Hayes, go up in our estimation.

Complicated old business this, isn't it.


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