Wednesday, July 20, 2005

They've Only Been And Done It

So those completely hopeless MPs really have voted to disenfranchise us.

It beggars belief that they can really think this is a step forward. What should we make of all that stuff about trusting people and decentralisation?

It makes you want to weep.

Update: I've dried my eyes, kicked the cat, and had a good snort.

This cannot stand. We need to get a list of all those Chairmen and "activists" who are on this National Convention and somehow get them to stick up for us.

My own Chairman has already promised to fight to the last man, and on Conservative Leadership Blog another ("Derek") promised to do likewise. As it happens, I'm seeing a third on Monday.

Ideas please.

We can't just sit here and let those self-obsessed vainglorious MPs freeze us out.


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