Saturday, July 02, 2005


As you may know, we eschew knocking copy on DD's leadership rivals. But the splenetic Stephen Pollard observes no such niceties. This morning he has a real go at Little "Moderniser" David:

'The only two aspects of Mr Cameron’s life to have entered public knowledge are that he was educated at Eton and Oxford, and that he is part of the so-called “Notting Hill Set”. He has left no other discernible mark on the planet. However, since he was policy co-ordinator for the last Conservative manifesto, it is surely a reasonable assumption that he supported it.'


It's unclear who does get Pollard's support (or maybe I missed it), but since he used to head the Social Market Foundation, I'm guessing it's Two-Brains. Who does have genuine "moderniser" credentials, but who- as we've observed before- sadly lacks leadership twinkle.

PS: For the full frontal lobotomy on Cameron's managerialist modernism, see this at Stumbling & Mumbling


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