Monday, July 25, 2005

New Poll Puts Davis Ahead

A new poll puts DD ahead of other leadership contenders among Tory voters. He gets the backing of 32%, followed by 20% for Seb and 19% for Ken.

Hmm...well, it's a bit of an odd poll all round. For some reason Cameron wasn't even included.

It's also reported that Lord Patten 'suspects...Cameron will be thought more charismatic as a potential leader.' Pray don't get too excited, my Lord. When asked about DD's chances, he said 'it's about time we elected somebody who would be a Prime Minister. I don't think the Conservative Party does itself any favours by talking to itself.'

I once saw Lord Patten waiting at a bus stop. Yes, well, I was waiting at a bus stop- he was slipping into the back of a limo.


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