Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Leadership Poll

A new leadership poll from Populus 'confirms that David Davis would run Kenneth Clarke close among Conservative voters, and would trounce David Cameron'.

Among all voters, Ken beats DD by 29 to 12 per cent, with other candidates nowhere. But among Tories, Ken's only ahead by 29 to 26 per cent. So Ken's support among non-Tory voters is the same as his support among Tories, whereas DD's support is concentrated among Tories. That's very similar to the picture in the YouGov poll conducted immediately after the election, although both have increased their ratings significantly since then.

So what of the other candidates? None really registers, and:

'In a direct choice with David Cameron, Mr Davis would win by 32 to 15 per cent among all voters, with 53 per cent don’t knows. Among Tory voters, Mr Davis would win by 53 to 14 per cent. Mr Davis has strengthened his position more than any other candidate among Tory voters since early June.'

So in the polls, Our Man is doing well against everyone except Ken.

And on Ken, we think he's fast achieving celebrity status as the nation's fun loving grandad. Long since retired, he no longer needs to get embroiled in any of the nastiness around him, and is all the more appealing because of it. But nobody really thinks it would be wise for him to take to the air again.


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