Sunday, July 10, 2005

New Davis For Leader Blog

We are delighted to see that the excellent Tory Leadership Blog is slowly swinging its weight behind DD. It will soon be 'David Davis For Leader Mark2'.

Yesterday they quite rightly gave Our Man a +3 in their weekly candidate scores (just a bit of fun you understand), praising his 'brave speech' at the CPS, and noting it 'confirmed his reputation for bold thinking'.

They also quoted extensively from a very supportive post by Watlington at the Social Affairs Unit Blog:

'Davis was saying that as someone from humble origins who had made it to the top, he knew about aspiration and merit as opposed to privilege and patronage. Herein lies a kernel of a modern Tory story.'

Forget toff victimisation- that's spot on.

This morning CLB go one better, asking 'Has 7/7 tilted the Tory race towards former SAS man David Davis?' This is over a piece written by Fraser Nelson, Political Editor of The Business, which argues:

'The Conservatives… have a new prize: to portray Labour as ineffective on terrorism. This, in turn, may tilt its leadership contest more towards David Davis...The market for former SAS men like Davis has risen in the past few days: the market for old Etonians such as David Cameron has fallen.'

DD will not be so crass as to hammer that line. But he really doesn't need to.

Certainly his rivals can see the danger, as witnessed by the anti-DD piece somebody clearly got placed in the morning's Sunday Times. Suggesting DD's opposition to ID cards and other authoritarian measures was weak on terror and driven by personal ambition, it says:

'Terrorism [is] a dangerous subject for a man who regards himself as a future Conservative party leader to be scoring party political points with.'

Right. We'll bear that in mind.


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