Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Leadership Odds

Political Betting have begun charting the leadership betting odds as implied probabilities. This is extremely helpful for non-punters because it's a much more intuitive way of seeing what's going on.

Their current chart shows how DD's probability of winning has doubled since 6 May to 60 per cent.

The probability of a Cameron leadership has also roughly doubled, but only to just under 20 per cent. Ken stands on about 5 per cent.

PS PB.C also speculate on my identity, even suggesting I might be the Great Man himself, or at least Iain Dale, his Chief of Staff, who used to be a very active blogger. I'm happy to reassure you that I'm neither of those esteemed parties- just your everyday party member, blogging away here in my pyjamas, who happens to believe that DD is by far and away the best man to lead our party. And, electorate willing, our country.


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