Monday, July 18, 2005

Hames For Davis

Tim Hames has another piece supporting Our Man, and taking issue with Matthew Parris' (narrow) preference for Cameron. Hames spells out a couple of home truths:

'Cameron understands that the problem that confronts the Conservative Party is less its philosophy or policies than its public personality. He can see that the manner in which Tories look, sound and smell to the voters is vital. His weakness, and that of the Notting Hill Set with which he has been lumbered, is that one of the images that must be dispelled is that of rich young things who hang out in smart parts of the capital and head for the country clad in Barbours at the weekend.'

Whereas, of course, DD's 'narrative', or 'backstory', 'is so electorally compelling that he could have bought it off the internet ( It is not merely the by now familiar single mother/council estate/school of hard knocks yarn, but that he was a businessman before entering politics and has made his way up the Tory party by his own efforts.'

But like us, Hames believes Cameron could still come right in the future:

'Mr Cameron is an intelligent, reasonable, and energetic soul. By 2015 he could be a successful Conservative leader, having had the space to shape his own narrative. To put him in the lions’ den now, armed with no more than a smile and the vague hope that he might turn into Superman when faced with the challenge, is verging on insanity. It risks further political hell for his party and humiliation for him.'

All of which sounds like simple common sense to us.


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