Sunday, July 17, 2005

Gossip Won't Stop Davis

Interviewed on BBC News24, DD dismissed the wild rumours circulated by some well-wisher to the effect that William Hague, IDS, and Michael Howard were all going to support Doc Fox.

Davis said: "I will be very surprised if any of the recent party leaders come out in favour of anybody in truth. I have seen stories of all sorts - different people backing different candidates. I think I have seen William listed as backing two different candidates at different times. I think most of them are just gossip."

He went on: "The important thing is to get very solid support in the Parliamentary Party and also, frankly, solid support in the country and I think I will be able to do that."

DD's unshakable confidence is one of his hallmark qualities. And at present it seems to be irritating the hell out of rival leadership camps.

But once he's installed in the top job, that same confidence will be a huge asset to all of us, as he leads us out against our real political rivals.


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