Friday, July 29, 2005

A Fine Line

Given the current tense security situation, normal political debate has been put on hold. And it's quite right that we must show unity and determination in the face of terror.

Last night DD took part in BBC1's studio debate A Question Of Security. Naturally, the audience comprised the typical BBC cross section of minorities and hippies who laid all the blame on the government and the Met. It was a classic wind-up, with which I thought the panel generally dealt quite well. Director of Liberty, Shami Chakrabarti- someone with whom I do not often agree- made a very powerful contribution on democracy before bombs.

DD made a solid responsible contribution, taking on the audience where required, and maintaining a unified front with Lord Falconer. But it was a wartime front to defend our security- not a blank cheque to the government, and certainly not tipping over into any form of hero worship.

I couldn't help recalling David Cameron's unfortunate exclamation during Sunday's session with Adam Boulton on Sky News: “I’m proud that we have a Prime Minister who has responded so magnificently to this crisis”.

I didn't blog about it at the time, because these are difficult times, and we are all in it together. But it did strike me as being one more instance of the New Labour worship we find so concerning in our "modernisers".

And even if I'm wrong about that, what it showed was Cameron's lack of experience. Whereas Davis was able to strike exactly the right note, despite the pressure from a hostile audience.


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No idea about David Davis, but I am doing a spot on the Tao of Andy Wylie.

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