Thursday, July 21, 2005

DD And The Party Of Opportunity

We've posted before on how David Davis embodies our belief in opportunity and aspiration over privilege and patronage. As blogger Watlington put it: 'Herein lies a kernel of a modern Tory story'.

Today the Express shows us just how well this story will play out in the tabloids. Under the headline 'Who Can Modernise the Tory Party Now?' Political Editor Patrick O'Flynn compares DD very favourably to his main rival David Cameron:

'Davis has noticed something which has passed Cameron by: social mobility- the measure of those from ordinary backgrounds who go on to achieve great things- has actually declined under Labour. Life chances are getting much more skewed in favour of the very rich.'

Of course, we political anoraks already know how, whatever their intentions, Labour's high tax centralised statism is actually holding back the great majority. But the crucial step is to convince the electorate, and to show them a better alternative.

'Davis has a compelling life story, mixes comfortably with people from all backgrounds and is clear that the to explain how a smaller state and lower taxes can prove the key to advancement for those born at the bottom of the heap as well as the top.'

In fairness, O'Flynn goes on to say that DD 'is not yet good at projecting kindness and can come across as too much of a Tory hard-nut.' But 'were he to address that lingering weakness, he would indeed be a formidable candidate.'

We have no doubt that the kindness is there, and expect to see it more in evidence over coming weeks as he becomes ever better known.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A friend of mine said he'd like to put his children into the non-state school, but couldn't because he's taxed too much.

Perhaps attack Labour along the lines that they have increased choice in order to narrow other peoples choices.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't talk to your boss and post at the same time...

I meant "increased TAX in order to narrow other peoples choices."

5:01 PM  

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