Sunday, July 03, 2005

Davis Rattles Blair

As the Serf has consistently pointed out here, our tortuous six-month leadership campaign will at least allow more people to focus on DD's leadership qualities in action.

This morning we have more evidence of how he's rattling Labour. The Torygraph reports that Tony is so concerned about Charles Clarke's dire showing against Davis, that he's grabbed the Home Office controls himself.

Time and time again, Our Man is exposing the yawning chasm between Labour's high-flown waffle, and the incompetent shambles they actually deliver. From ID cards, to ASBOs, to illegal immigrants, Davis is on the front foot and knocking seven shades of- I'm sorry- shit out of Clarke and his ineffectual team.

Things are so black for Charlie that Downing Street has already uttered the dread words :"The Prime Minister has complete confidence in the Home Secretary."

So it seems quite possible that DD will be the first Shadow Minister ever to see off not one, but two successive Cabinet opponents.

We look forward to the time he stands toe to toe with Tiger Tone himself.


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