Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bloggers Survey Backs Davis

Conservative Home have published their internet leadership survey. Tim Montgomerie reveals they had 935 reponses, of whom 77 per cent were party members.

'63% to 32% say that MPs should have the final and decisive say in the election of the Tory leader.'

Which personally I find surprising.

'But this figure is almost exactly reversed when the question of any ordinary membership voting is raised. 67% to 30% believe that ordinary party members should have a vote at some stage of the process.'

The most heartening part of the survey was the solid support for Davis:

'Which of these people would you consider supporting as the next Conservative leader? (Participants were encouraged to tick as many as they wished).

64%- David Davis
37% - Liam Fox
36% - David Cameron
28% - Malcolm Rifkind
25% - Kenneth Clarke
15% - Theresa May
13% - David Willetts
13% - Andrew Lansley
6% - Damian Green
6% - Tim Yeo'

So at this stage, roughly two-thirds of repondents would consider having DD as leader. Interestingly, that's roughly the same as the bookies' probability of him winning.

And also, just like at the bookies, there's a long tale of pretty hopeless stragglers. Certainly those below Ken could do us all a favour by retiring gracefully right away.


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